-dota lgd maybe「DOTA2Maybe就不当言论致歉LGD追加处罚5万人民币」

dota lgd maybe「DOTA2Maybe就不当言论致歉LGD追加处罚5万人民币」






Dear DOTA2 fans, this is Maybe.

Earlier today I was involved in a quarrel with a follower on Weibo. My emotion then got the best of me and I wrote something extremely inappropriate for a public figure and a professional athlete. My behavior has caused severe negative impact, and I would like to sincerely apologize for what I have said: I am sorry.

Moving forward, I will exercise better judgement for my words and my behavior. I will focus on my training and practice. Hopefully this can help me earn your forgiveness.

I will respect and accept any punishment my clubhouse will later decide. Again I would like to extend my sincerest apology to the entire DOTA2 community and fans everywhere. I am sorry.






Official statement from LGD Gaming regarding penalty for Maybe:

Yesterday,Yao“Maybe”Lu,a player of our Dota2 division,was involved in a quarrel with a follower on Weibo and subsequently made some extremely inappropriate remarks. After this matter was brought to our attention, we immediately spoke with him seriousness of his behavior and he is now fully aware of his mistake.

On behalf of Yao “Maybe” Lu, we would like to extend our deepest apology to the DOTA2 community and everyone who is concerned about this matter. Moreover, we would like to sincerely apologize for the negligence exposed in our management.

We have imposed a 50,000 RMB fine on Maybe per regulations of our organization. We know Yao “Maybe” Lu will take this as a lesson, act more cautiously and courteously, and establish himself as a positive example for the DOTA2 community.

In addition, we will also strengthen our management and enhance the education of our players on what it means and what it takes to be a professional athlete such that this type of act does not happen again in the future.



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